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Add:No. 12, 207 Mengzi Rd



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This restaurant shows an appreciation for innovative cuisine with health benefits. It is a chain restaurant dedicated to pure and healthy dishes with an accent on traditional Chinese medicine.

Chef Alvin Leung has integrated Chinese and Western food cultures in the menu. 

The restaurant has beautiful and intricate mosaic floors, an open kitchen area, bar seating and comfortable Western-style dining space and utensils. Other things that catch the eye are the red silk banners above the “soup bar” signage, wallpaper of a mishmash of Chinese calendar, neat industrial ceilings, and a wall with a cabinet for Chinese herbs.

The open dining area is bright with bold red cushioned seats and sofas. Floor to ceiling windows make it fell even more spacious.

Many of the dishes have a healthy balance of grains, fruits, vegetables, fish and lean cuts of meat. The highlight of the menu in relation to TCM is the soups and teas. The herbal tea or liang cha is infused with herbs and spices. Remedy365 offers four naturally flavored drinks — the yubu gingko and figgy pear have already been listed as favorites.