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Add:1/F, Bldg B, 753 Yuyuan Rd



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Porcellino means piglet in Italian. This neighborhood restaurant serves home-style Italian dishes: pizza, risotto and pasta with traditional recipes from Vargas’ grandmother — on the menu it states several times that a dish was learned from “my nonna.”

A bright, relaxed and chic establishment, the vibe is friendly, with nice touches like the small vases of flowers on each table.


The extensive use of glass gives the impression that you’re dining in a glasshouse, which is quite warm and sunny. There’s also a row of seats by the open-plan kitchen.

A tasty treat is the porchetta sandwich made according to Vargas’ grandmother’s recipe. The ham is juicy and tender, with aioli, salsa verde and rucola leaves to balance the flavor.


For a rustic feel, the sandwich and other dishes, such as the prosciutto and artisanal cheese selection, are served on wooden boards.

The porcellino board has five types of ham and salami: San Danielle, salami Felino, speck, mortadella and pecorino Toscano.

Risotto made with Acquerello rice is another highlight. There are three risotto dishes: roasted tomato and guanciale risotto; risotto al carciofi with artichoke; and organic cauliflower risotto with anchovy breadcrumbs.


The menu also features various antipasti dishes and artisanal pizzas.