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Chinchilla Cafe

Add:581 Shilong Rd



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The Chinchilla Cafe is a theme cafe based on the character Totoro in the 1988 film “My Neighbor Totoro,” directed by Japanese Academy Award winning animator Hayao Miyazaki.

Visitors are greeted by a giant Totoro figure at the entrance, while the cafe is like a garden inside. Pot plants are scattered around with Totoro toys and figures often sitting on the branches or hidden away among the pots, creating a fun experience for children to try to spot them.

Particularly adorable details include large Totoro toys seated at tables, and paintings of characters from the anime on the wall.

The food and beverages are mostly typical cafe fare, but there are also signature treats like Totoro macaroons and Totoro cakes, shaped and decorated to resemble the much-loved character.