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Da Dong

Add:5/F, 1601 Nanjing Rd W.



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Da Dong highlights classical Chinese art and poetry. Each dish corresponds to a verse from famous poems written in the Tang (AD 618–907) and Song dynasties (960–1279), through chef’s presentation.

This restaurant is also inspired by Chinese landscape painting, highlighting “spirit resonance” which the owner calls a kind of energy flowing onto the plate. 

Adding to the cultural experience, waiters recite poetry when serving. When serving the signature sweet and sour pork chops, waiters recite a line from the poem “Jiang Xue,” meaning “fishing alone on a snowy day,” while sprinkling icing over the chop to create an impression of a snowy landscape.

Food served is generally Beijing cuisine, with highlights including roast duck, which is a must-try, featuring crispy yet not greasy skin.

Some dishes combine traditional Beijing food with Western flavors, including tanghulu tiramisu, mixing Italian flavor with tanghulu — a street snack of candied hawthorn fruit on a stick popular in northern China.