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Corade (Changle Rd)

Add:59 Changle Rd, near Chongqing Rd



Stephen Xuan, 30, opened his Corade design business two years ago after deciding to concentrate on sporty and street fashion. The front of the shop is distinctive with a white door covered with icon stickers, and inside is a multi-colored floor. Buyers looking to be trendy and active will find many cutting-edge fashion items here, especially skating related products such as T-shirts, sweaters, caps, pants, accessories, jackets, knits and woven at reasonable prices that range from 1 yuan (icon stickers) to 699 yuan (winter jackets). You can also log onto www.coradeclothing.com to find more information, and other products that might take your fancy. Xuan also has four other branches, on No. 10, Lane 632 Yanan Road M., 680 Weihai Road, 50 Tianaizhi Road and 928 Wenhui Road.