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Gouzhuang Agricultural Products Center

Add:East to Gongtang Village, Gouzhuang Town, Yuhang



At 2am, when the city is asleep, the 4-square-kilometer Gouzhuang Agricultural Produce Center — Hangzhou’s largest agricultural produce wholesaler — is lit as bright as day, filled with the hubbub of people and vehicles coming to buy and sell fruit and veg.

But fear not, you needn’t miss out on your beauty sleep to get a bargain here as the busy scene lasts for about 10 hours every day. However, you should try to arrive before 10am otherwise there might not be much left.

In the early hours, it’s wholesalers’ trucks dropping off goods and vendors from markets coming to pick up stock. Then later, buyers from restaurants and individual customers come to stock up.

Customers rarely have to worry about the freshness of fruit here — the fast turnover of stock ensures that — and even if you don’t want to buy fruit by the box, you can still get the wholesale price.


Opening hours: 12am-1pm

Address: East to Gongtang Village, Gouzhuang Town, Yuhang

How to get there: Drive toward Hangning expressway toll station and the market is at the west; or take bus No. K192/K67 to the Gouzhuang stop