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Pro Soy Crab

Add:137 Xianxia Rd

Tel:021-6222 9918

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This upscale South Korean restaurant serves a delicacy known as gejang, or raw crabs marinated in soy sauce.

Having opened earlier this month, Pro Soy has ingredients flown in from South Korea.

The restaurant uses only female blue crabs, also known as swimming crabs, that are best enjoyed with a bowl of rice. When marinated in soy sauce raw crab meat has a unique glutinous texture although it may be too salty or fishy for those not used to the strong flavor.

The soy crab is similar to zuixie (drunken crab 醉蟹, or raw crab marinated in liquor) that’s common in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. A common way to enjoy Pro Soy’s crabs is mixing some rice and seaweed in the sauce in the crab shell.

There’s also steamed crabs for those who don’t like raw seafood.

Other recommended dishes include steamed octopus and fried beltfish. The fish cuts are bigger than average, and marinated well before being cooked in hot oil. The meat is fresh and firm with wonderfully rich flavors.

The chain restaurant also has branches in Beijing, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Average price per person: 350 yuan (US$64)