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The Beast




Online florists are in bloom in Shanghai, the Beast Flower online shop is featured by high-end imported flowers, special floral arrangement and its creative Weibo and WeChat marketing techniques. Almost certainly uniquely, the shop attracts customers by marketing floral arrangements named after the works of the Fauvists (literally 'wild beasts') – a relatively obscure European artistic movement of the early 20th century. Their custom-made flower arrangements enjoy great popularity on Weibo. All you have to do is to contact them through social media or their newly launched website and tell them the gender of the receiver as well as the style you prefer—you don’t even need to worry about the type of the flowers because the store has only the freshest and best flowers and plants available in the market on that day. Your loved one will be surprised with the most tasteful and creative bouquet that she or he has ever received.


For Valentine's Day of 2015, the shop provides special offer of the tallest rose in the world. The 1.5-meter-tall roses are selling at 699 yuan for three and 16999 for 99 in a bouquet.