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Patsy Grimaldi’s

Add: Bldg 15, Hengshan Fang, No. 24, Lane 320, Tianping Rd



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Patsy Grimaldi’s is one of the most crowded pizzerias in New York, with a history of more than 100 years. It came to Shanghai in its first overseas venture. Located in Hengshan Fang, a new dining and shopping area in former French concession, it has brought its trademark coal-fired brick oven pizza-making traditions in a casual setting.

Stepping into the restaurant, the Big Apple heritage of Patsy Grimaldi’s is proudly displayed. A huge New York subway map on the floor and wall, hand paintings of New York street scenes and old lamps give you a feeling of dining in a Brooklyn street restaurant.


At the business end, the brick oven takes only 2 to 5 minutes to bake the pizza in temperatures of almost 650 degrees Celsius for an authentic New York-style pizza.

The chain has also reduced the amount of salt used, catering to the taste of Chinese people.

The menu starts with selecting a pizza base: regular, white or marinara, with the sizes of 12, 16 or 18 inches. The marinara pizza (no cheese) is a little spicy, with Grimaldi’s special sauce, while the white one (no tomato sauce) is baked with extra cheese.

More than 20 toppings are offered — from beef meatballs and BBQ chicken breast to sun-dried tomatoes.

Four special pizzas are offered: NYC Best Seller No.1, Celebrities’ Favorite, Meat Lover and Triple Veggie. The first is the signature pizza, with ingredients including pepperoni, basil, mushrooms, crushed tomatoes and mozzarella cheese from Italy.



Secret recipe handmade dough fermented for 5 hours ensures the quality of the pizza base. The crust is crispy with a light smoky flavor while the center is quite chewy. Added to this is mellow cheese balanced by tangy tomatoes.

Avocado salad of avocado — naturally enough — lettuce, chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, mayonnaise, honey and lime juice offers a balance of vinegary and sweet flavors.

The brick oven also proves invaluable for ensuring the chicken wings — served with Caesar dressing — tender and juicy with a rich aroma.

As for desserts, the smooth and creamy cookie ice-cream is a stand out, two scoops served with Oreo cookies. It’s available in three flavors, strawberry cheesecake, Boston cream pie and cherry Garcia.

Sweetheart strawberry mousse, featuring organic strawberries and handmade strawberry jam is another must-try — a fresh flavored delight.

And in keeping with the NYC theme, the signature tipple is Brooklyn lager, a smooth golden brew with a floral note.

The slogan of Patsy Grimaldi’s “I’m gonna make you a pizza you can’t refuse.”


You’d be a wise guy to take them at their word.

Deliveries available within 3 kilometers.

Average per person: 150 yuan