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Le Cham Teppanyaki

Add:18 Zhenning Rd, near Huashan Rd



Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


As one of the most high end French teppanyaki restaurants in Shanghai, Le Cham Teppanyaki is an exciting new one decorated magnificently on the tranquil Zhenning Road, a firm favourite of classy and fabulous people in town. Speaking of the soothing and luxury dining environment, Le Cham Teppanyaki Teppanyaki has a real contemporary edge to it, it's designed in a color scheme of golden that looks dazzlingly brilliant, and the private rooms upstairs provide one-to-one service to customs to create an exclusive dining experiences.

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Le Cham Teppanyaki also paid great attention to the role of the teppanyaki chef. Comes from Taiwan, the chef here do not just cook for you, they entertain you with skill and the odd flamboyant touch while creating impressive cuisine right in front of you. With a stringent requirement of dish ingredients, the chef is dedicated to offer best food with its natural flavor.

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