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Songseng Equestrian Club

Add:621 Renmintang Rd E.

Tel:021-5139 8100



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Located in Fengxian District, Songseng Equestrian club, although a little far from the city, is blessed with spacious stables and four-star facilities. The overall design bears some touches of traditional Chinese architecture.

The club integrates equestrian competition, sport as well as holiday recreation. It covers 100,000 square meters and owns about 90 thoroughbred horses. Most of them are Australian and European, including some cup winners.


The center boasts excellent standards as horses are fed imported food, trained and exercised every day. One of the club’s ambitions is to develop equestrianism in China and it is setting the bar high. The club has speed tracks, two horse breaking courses, indoor and outdoor dressage training courses and an international standard hurdle arena.

With its wide range of recreational facilities and refined Chinese restaurants, the club also provides a sound setting for more experienced riders, and families looking for a place to both ride and relax. Riders who feel like spending a few days can also benefit from the comfort of the stable’s villas and hotel.5_副本.jpg