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Angelina (The Portman Ritz-Carlton Branch)

Add:Rm 120, 1367 Nanjing Rd W.





Fax:021-3376 7761

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Shanghai, October 20, 2014 – Since the opening of its first restaurant and tearoom in China in Beijing in November 2013, and a second location at Lane Crawford, Time Square in Shanghai in April 2014, Angelina Restaurant, Tearoom and Boutique now proudly unveils its flagship store in Shanghai. Located on the ground floor of Portman Ritz Carlton at Shanghai Centre, the flagship store brings Angelina’s 110-year-old French legacy to Shanghai.

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Old-Fashioned Hot Chocolate “L’Africain”

Made in the pure tradition of old-fashioned hot chocolate, this delicious concoction derives its potent flavor (tempered by a bowl of unsweetened whipped cream) from the subtle blend of four different types of African cocoa beans – hence the name “L’ Africain”.

The Mont-Blanc

One of the Angelina Tearoom’s most famous desserts, this pastry consists in a meringue with whipped cream and chestnut vermicelli on top. In 2012, Angelina’s pastry chefs paid tribute to this timeless dessert by creating a new version, every 6 months.

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