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Petit Jardin

Add:6/F, Crystal Galleria, 68 Yuyuan Rd



Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available



This new restaurant brand is a younger version of the famous Jardin de Jade. Unlike the parent brand that serves authentic Shanghai and Zhejiang-style cuisines, Petit Jardin is more creative, offering Cantonese siu mei and dim sums. It’s also more budget friendly.

The atmosphere of Petit Jardin is casual and the service is attentive. The portions are not overly large and some of the dishes will surprise you, like the so-called 68 truffle, which features a meatball wrapped in you mian jin, a fried gluten puff.


The set lunch at 78 yuan includes a chicken salad with ginger and honey dressing, siu mei in curry or barbeque sauce, with bowl of rice, a choice of creamy mushroom soup or borscht served in a mug, and ice cream for dessert. A glass of ice tea will cost you an additional 8 yuan.

The restaurant is currently offering a 20 percent price reduction on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Other branch address: L4-12&13, The Place, 100 Zunyi Rd

Tel: 6215-6185