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T Modern Chinese Tea Cuisine

Add:L4-01, North Building, Hong Kong Plaza, 282 Huaihai Rd M.



Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available



Opened at the end of 2014, T Modern Chinese Tea Cuisine offers what it describes as a unique dining experience. Not only are dishes made from tea-related ingredients, but the interior décor itself is bathed in minimalistic neutral wood tones that suggest the tranquility of a tea plantation.

The semi-buffet lunch set includes a selection of main courses from 48 yuan to 88 yuan. The buffet portion features an organic vegetable salad with three choices of dressing, staples such as tea oil rice or tea oil rice with assorted grains, tea and soft drinks.


The chef’s secret sauce alone is worth a visit. His light green dressing is similar to a sesame dressing, but with a bolder hint of fresh mint. It’s a perfect complement with asparagus lettuce and sweet corn.

The main course offerings include chicken meatballs in ketchup sauce and tea oil, at 48 yuan; tea smoked duck breast with mixed vegetables, at 48 yuan; grilled chicken with black tea and lemon sauce, at 68 yuan; and braised Australia beef rib, at 88 yuan.