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Le Pont des Arts Gallery

Add:Rm 103, Blg4, Moganshan Rd

Tel:021-3353 6608

Time:Thur-Sun, 10am-6pm



Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available



The Le Pont des Arts Gallery A Contemporary Arts Gallery From Pingjiang District, Suzhou to Mouganshan Road, Suzhou River, Shanghai The heart of the ancient city of Suzhou remains the old style. There are neither the traces of modernization nor blind constructions, providing artists on Pingjiang Road with an antique environment for showing.

The aim of the Gallery is to combine the old city walls with the contemporary arts which reflects the past and the present from a contrast, as if the ancients and the modern people could be able to talk again. After its operation in Suzhou for three years, the Le Pont des Arts Gallery decided to expand its business to Shanghai.


And also, it will set up in the west of Shanghai M50 Taopu Creative Park in 2010,11. According to the reporters of Beaux Arts Magazine (July 2010,pp.77), there will be a huge incubator.

The space of the new galley is fully different from that in Suzhou, making a sharp contrast with the primitive and elegance environment in Suzhou. In 2012, due to the adjustment of funds, we decided to evacuate from Suzhou to the most distinctive creative part M50 ----- NO.50 in Moganshan Road. It is Arts Gallery now that showing you the creative budding artists.