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Host Wine & Kitchen

Add:794 Julu Rd, near Fumin Rd


Time:Sun-Thu, 11:30am-0:00am; Fri-Sat, 11:30am-2am

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Authentic north Mediterranean food and wine meets nostalgia-style decor in Host, creating an ideal place to meet and relax with friends on fashionable Julu Road.

Walking in the gate you are confronted by numerous pendulum clocks. That together with mottled mirrors, wooden chairs and tables, a green leather sofa and vintage lights create a cozy and chic feeling.

Now with summer almost upon us, nothing tastes better than refreshing, zingy appetizers. And here these is best represented by Sicily-style calamari salads with mussels and fennel root — guaranteed to bring you a fresh taste of ocean breeze.


The homemade marinated salmon with citrus cream is a good choice for fish lovers. The salmon is marinated with sea salt, vodka and beetroot for 48 hours.

Meanwhile, the fried seasonal seafood features great choices of fresh imported seafood complemented by homemade sauce.

And for a seafood extravaganza, try the Antoni lobster paella. Featuring a whole lobster, plus mixed seafood. It’s a veritable carnival of ocean goodies.

You’re guaranteed to find authentic pasta here. The seven choices with different shapes and tastes adding new invention to traditional styles.

Another highlight is the hunter’s lasagne, made with mixed meat including pork, sausage, duck and chicken. The rich buffalo mozzarella, cinnamon aroma and chewy pasta is sure to leave you satisfied.


Meat lovers should also choose the Fiorentina T-bone steak, grass-fed beef with a tender texture and less fat than elsewhere. Grilled with applewood from Shaanxi Province and pink rock salt, the steak retains its original fresh taste.

Another tasty option is the French-style duck. Topped with mashed potato and asparagus it’s fatty and crispy but not greasy.

The new summer desserts plate is a cool art piece. The cherry blossom cheesecake, tiny Magnum, chocolate lava cake and blueberry pudding are must-eats.

And if you can’t make your mind up, choose the deluxe plate, which comes at a reasonable price.

On a lazy afternoon, you should take afternoon tea on the lovely balcony, overlooking the leafy street dappled with warm sunlight.

Average per person: 100 yuan