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Add:359,Lingyun Rd

Tel:136 3663 6143


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Famous for its high-qualify sweets, this small dessert shop offers authentic Taiwanese milk tea, shaved ice desserts, pudding and white gourd tea. As the city is warming up, it’s a popular spot among those looking to cool off with sweets.


The signature sweet in the store is the 2kg frozen fruit sundae that costs 168 yuan. If one can finish it alone within 8 minutes, he or she doesn’t need to pay and wins 500 yuan.

IMG_6213 - 副本.jpg


Only one woman in Taiwan has successfully completed the challenge. Yoyo finishes half of the bowl in the given eight minutes and it takes her about 30 minutes to eat it all. Those who have serious gingivitis and dental problems should avoid this challenge.