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Azabache Dance Studio

Add:Club Du Casa, No.11, Lane 506, Huangpi Rd S.

Tel:021-5386 2000

Time:Mon-Sun 7pm-9:30pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Azabache Dance Studio, founded in Shanghai in 2010, tries to teach its memebers the elegance of dance with tailor-made courses. The high-end dance studio is housed in Casa Lakeville, Xintiandi with a pleasant environment.


Azabache partners with world-famous ballet dancer Tan YuanYuan and invites renowned ballerinas from around the world to lecture regularly. The studio also gives ballet and contemporary dance classes at Los Angeles Ballet Academy and helps its senior students choreograph showcase pieces.

课堂照片 geidong.jpg

The goal of Azabache is to inspire every member to begin their own journey into the charming world of dance with lessons of ballet and modern dance at different levels.