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Add:388 Madang Rd

Tel:021-6113 0667

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Outback is an Australian inspired restaurant. Although Chinese in general are not big beef lovers, its first branch at SML Plaza in Shanghai has been a huge success.
Before kicking off the meat carnival,try one of the highly recommended appetizers like Bloomin’ Onion. This signature dish is a softball-sized onion sliced by a custom-made machine. The onion is fried into a golden gardenia. It’s served with a small plate of spicy“bloom sauce.” Resembling the texture of French fries, the onion is crispy on
the outside and juicy within. It is indeed a delectable appetizer that passes the time while waiting for the steaks to arrive.


All steaks here are imported from Australia and meet the meat standard of Australia. They are hand-cut, prepared upon order and come with a choice of soup or salad.
The signature filet is a tender, juicy and thick hunk of meat. The 560-gram porterhouse is another favorite of long-time carnivores as it combines the fattiness of a filet with the leanness of a New York strip.