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Glorious castle of Eric Moller

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The "Dreamlike Castle" at the corner of Shaanxi Road S. and Yan'an Road M. was a private residence built by Eric Moller, a wealthy Briton. Constructed in the 1930s in accordance with the wishes of his beloved daughter who said she wanted a life-sized doll's house, it was completed in 1936. The garden villa has a grand northern European style with striking towers and turrets, lattice window frames and distinctive stone masonry. Moller came to Shanghai empty-handed in 1919 but he was fortunate to win large sums at the races and reinvested it by buying dozens of horses. Within a few years he was a board member of the Jockey Club. There is a bronze statue of a racehorse on the lawn in the middle of the garden, under which one of Moller's horses was buried. The mansion served as headquarters of the Communist Youth League Shanghai Branch for many years after 1949. A hotel group now manages the building as Hengshan Moller Villa, a boutique heritage hotel.