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Mr seafood

Add:1100, Lujiabang Rd



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There’s no shortage of seafood restaurants in town, thus when another opens it may not seem like a big deal. But Mr Seafood is a welcome addition to the dining scene with its big selection of imported and domestic seafood, the option to have it prepared just the way you want and it’s comfortable and relaxing setting.


Right from the start there’s no doubt this is a seafood restaurant. Diners will walk through a large water wheel when entering the restaurant while a host of aquariums show off everything from razor clams, baby abalone and Alaskan king crabs.

The restaurant is made to resemble a loft and has blue laser lights to make customers feel as if they are near the sea.

Owner Lan Weiming clearly has immense passion for the world’s oceans and all the creatures swimming below the surface.

“My name has the word blue (Lan) in it, so I like seafood very much,” says Lan. “I want to realize the sea-to-table concept and ensure my customers have the freshest seafood at reasonable prices.”

Fresh seafood is transported from Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, every day including geoduck, razor clams, baby abalone and mantis shrimps. Imported seafood includes Thai caviar, Canadian lobster, Arctic shellfish and Alaskan king crab.

Seafood lovers may indeed struggle to choose as they are spoiled for choice. All orders can be cooked the way you want. If you want to keep the original taste of the ingredients, simply ask the chef to add a little sea salt. Those who prefer a dipping sauce are advised to try either the XO or barbecue sauces.

The baby yellow croaker is a signature dish. It’s stewed with chicken soup that makes for a nice combination since the fish isn’t overpowered by the meat.

The steamed crab feet with scallion oil, geoduck with garlic and noodles, razor clams with needle mushrooms and grilled lobster are all excellent options.

The sashimi plate comes with four oysters, four slices of salmon and tuna, along with six slices of Arctic shellfish.

Mr Seafood even ventures onto land with a few dishes including pork with rice cake. The pork is marinated with homemade sweet-and-sour sauce for five minutes, then quick fried with onions and red peppers. It’s delicious.

Don’t forget dessert. The coconut pudding and mango sago are great options to cleanse the palate.