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Add:1688 Beijing Rd W

Time:11am – 2pm for lunch, 5:30pm – 10pm for dinner

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Kimura Japanese Kitchen serves home-style food that comes in what it calls “happy” portions.

The star of the menu is happy ramen, one of the most popular dishes at this cozy izakaya that is entered through a small wooden sliding door.

For 48 yuan (US$7.73), you get a large bowl of soup ramen teeming with loads of fried goodies including chicken nuggets, roast pork slices and sausage. At the bottom of the bowl, underneath the noodles, is a chicken drumstick.


Happy ramen is a meal in itself — both filling and satisfying.

Japanese cuisine fancies this sort of food: fried vegetables or meat in bowls of soup. Bring a hearty appetite to enjoy this meal to its fullest. The soup has a bold flavor and the chewy noodles are simply delicious.

Or try the restaurant’s pork cutlet and egg rice bowl for 48 yuan, a hearty and signature staple dish. The thin pork chop is breaded and deep-fried, then placed atop rice mixed with sautéed onions, and finally topped with an egg and pieces of seaweed.

The dish may not seem big when served, but it has plenty to fill an empty stomach. The juicy pork mingles so well with the rice. There’s a touch of sweetness about the dish.

Kimura serves oden during dinner hours. It’s a Japanese “stew” featuring daikon radish, fishcakes, tofu and quail eggs, all in a light soy, dashi or kelp broth. Diners can choose their ingredients.

This dish is especially popular in winter. Oden may feature light flavors, but it sure warms the insides, especially when paired with sake.

The oden at Kimura is well cooked. The daikon is allowed to sit in the broth for several hours to absorb all the flavors and the tofu pocket is filled with melting rice cake.

The broth is mild and tastes different from the oden you might buy in a place like Family Mart. The daikon is especially recommended as it is flavorful and firm.

This izakaya also features yakimono dishes for dinner, including grilled chicken on skewers, fish and vegetables. And for those who like traditional Japanese sushi and sashimi, the menu won’t disappoint.