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Lure Road

Add:5366,Dongda Rd

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Lure Road, the largest natural lure fishing base locates at Shanghai Binhai Forest Parka forest park built and designed based on natural ecology on East China Sea Beach. Covering a total area of 3.6km among which about 20 percent is lake, the park implements a "people-and nature-oriented" concept. Founded in 2014 by a group of young fishing enthusiasts including Lu Yun who won the champion of several fishing match in France, The Lure Road covers a fishing water area spreading more than 200 acres and another 100 acres more is coming soonspecially for fishing jewfish, snakehead and mandarin fish.


The main species of fish for tourists to catch at Lure Road is the liveliest bass imported from California which has an average body length of 30 cm+. Giant Erythroculter ilishaeformis and black carps are also easy to be hooked. All you need is to bait-up, cast your line and wait for something juicy to bite. 


Aiming to give newcomers a quick start guide and help them to develop lure fishing skills fastgroups of senior Lure Fishing coaches are on site to provide “1 to 1” and hand by hand teaching and services. In addition, the club also provides opportunities of training and practical exercises on lure fishing. Entry-level training courses and basic fishing gears are offered by Lure Road for newcomers. Counselors of the club will teach customers how to fish step by step: how to pick an appropriate baithow to match a hook to the bait, how to use a knot to avoiding slipping, how to attach the bobber above your line, how to set the hook by raising the pole quickly and how to handle the catched fish with care!


The basement also dedicated to the ecological ideal of "catch and release" as the core valur of lure fishing, which encourage people to let the hooked on fish to go back and protect the enviorments.


In addition, brand new passenger cars provided by Lure Road are available to offer pickup and delivery services.