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Beyond the Clouds

Add:233 Nanjing Rd E.

Tel:021-5306 5757


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Food in Yunnan Province is more than just rice noodles. It’s a cui- sine that stays true to the original flavor of ingredients while mix- ing in a few spices and herbs.

Shanghai has a long list of Yunnan restaurants. Beyond the Clouds is serving an authentic menu with many ingredients flown in from Yunnan.

Many cuisines in China have spicy dishes, but the level varies. In Yunnan cuisine it’s a spicy and sour combination.

Dali spicy and sour fish (68 yuan/US$11) is made with fresh water weever. The fish is lightly fried, then braised in a rich, thick sauce seasoned with special pickle, millet pepper, seasonal vegetables and spices. The fish absorbs flavors from the sauce without being overpowered.

Er kuai is a special ingredient in Yunnan cuisine, it’s a rice cake made with rice instead of glutinous rice and has a chewy texture. Luoping rice cake and stir fried chicken (56 yuan) is made in a medium hot sauce. The rice cake is cut in small cubes and the dish has a lot of diced chives.

Braised potherb with dried pepper (28 yuan) is made with chenopodium album, a fresh green leaf vegetable from Yunnan.

For dessert, Chinese honey locust fruit with rose and rock sugar (48 yuan) is a special Yun- nan dish. But you can barely taste the sugar and decorated with a rose petal.

Right now is mushroom season in Yunnan and Beyond the Clouds is offering a sea- sonal mushroom menu including porcini and matsutake.

The waitress was helpful in explaining the menu, like re- minding customers that milk curd with red bean paste filling is made with goat milk rather than cow milk.

And food is served quickly. After ordering three hot dishes, one dessert and two drinks, everything had arrived at the table within 15 minutes.

The lighting is dim although Beyond the Clouds is quite spacious and the interior décor reflects the regional culture — hardwood tables, chairs with high backs and paintings. However, the dark rooms and red lighting feels a bit uncomfortable as the meal progresses.

The restaurant is in the same building as Forever 21, but please note access to the elevator is in the alley to the left of Starbucks.