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Franck Provost

Add:35 Shaanxi Rd S.

Tel:021-6267 5171


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Franck Provost's first and only hair salon in Shanghai is located on Shaanxi Road S., close to Changle Road, and enables the city's style seekers to treat their locks to expensive Parisian elegance. Provost, the man behind the renowned international hair salon chain, has styled many of the world's leading celebrities and super models. They include Her Highess Rania, Queen ofJordan, Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz, the charming Sophie Marceau, as well as Naomi Campbell, Diane Krueger and new French star Cecile de France which is why Provost is called a "stylist to the stars." Based on many years of experience, the company's Shanghai salon enables customers to pick the most appropriate hairstyle for their personal needs. Then the hairstylists' focus shifts to putting everyone at ease and making them feel beautiful.