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Bacon Paragliding Land

Add:444 Dongjiangwan Rd

Tel:021-3100 1113


Flying is an ancient dream since the Wright brothers were able to control a flight with a machine heavier than air, but they used an engine. Now, Could it be possible to fly like a bird, no engine, just air and nature? YesParagliding While you obviously can't paraglide within Shanghai's city limits, this activity will take you to the outskirts where hills and mountains abound. Bacon Paragliding Land takes people of all skill levels on excursions lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few days. As long as the weather conditions are right, you can fly for around fifteen minutes per jump. For those with no experience or who just want some company up in the air, Bacon Paragliding Land offers tandem flies, where you are strapped to an experienced flyer with an experienced pilot.