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Did you successfully finish the whole processes of DIY fresh pork mooncakes?


Here are some tips from Noah Liu:

  • You can buy lard from the food market or make lard from pork fat yourself;

  •  Keep the table oily to prevent dough sticking to the surface and the rolling pin;

  •  If you don’t have an oven, you can use a saucepan instead;

  • Have plastic wraps and a wet towel;

  • The more times you fold the dough, the more flaky mooncakes become;

  • Refrigerate pork stuffing so that it is easy to be wrapped in dough


As a senior large-scale event operator, Noah's  favourite hobby is home baking. Making full use of his free time to baking, Noah even got his pastry chef certification in 2012. In addition, he is especially good at making western dessert such as tasty &piquant cheese cake, pure&fresh brown sugar brownie, soft pound cake........


In order to meet the urgent needs of gourmets and his fans all around, Noah decided to open his online store named "Noah Baking House" on Wechat. All desserts sold at his store use 100% natural ingredients. Click HERE to enter his shop to check out !

For foreigners who can't speak chinese, please add Noah's Wechat: qiaolaoye412325  to order!

brown sugar brownie



cheese cake



pound cake



All products from Noah's Baking house are made fresh upon ordered and are delivered in perfect condition to the customers!


Can't wait to have a bite of the aboved cakes from Noah's Baking House? Scan the following QR Code or Click HERE to order!

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