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Shanghai jiading public library

Add:1288,Yuming Rd.S



Being honored as one of the “Best Public Library in the World” by Interior Design Magazine, Shanghai jiading public library is famous for combining architecture with the Jiangnan literary style and various local characteristics on its interior and exterior, reflecting the Shanghai district’s way of life and scenery.

Boasting a book collection of more than 200 thousand, the library has two floors with extensive use of warm wooden ceilings, high walls, and clean reading desks with contemporary Chinese lines. The library is equipped with an audio-visual hall, a station for borrowing multimedia materials, a 24-hour self-service section, a room with reading equipment for the visually impaired and a 500-seat theater. There is also a parent-child reading area using fresh and light colors to replicate the aesthetics of a forest. One can use ID card and pay 100 yuan’s deposit to get a library card. Then, you can borrow at most the books at a time.