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Shanghai qingpu public library

Add:60,Qinlong Rd


The library lies in the middle of an artificial lake named “Xiayang Lake” in western Qingpu District of Shanghai. Covering an area of 8,000 square meters, the library is a modern library with contemporary architectural style, cutting-edged facilities and elegant environment.

There are six reading rooms in the Library where people can choose from 330,000 books and 800 kinds of newspapers and magazines in collection. On the top floor of the library, there is a roof garden for drinks while appreciating various beautiful plants around. There is also a reading room especially designed for kids as it decorates as a pleasure ground. Equipped with computers, children can read digital books with multi-media effects.

All reading rooms offer wide space and comfortable sofas, every reading lamp in the library uses energy saving bulb, a friendly gesture to the beautiful surrounding.