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Qian Xuesen Library

Add:1800,Huashan Rd

Tel:021-6293 2068

Time:9am-5pm (closed on Mondays)




Library is usually the centerpiece of a university and embodies the history and tradition of the establishment. The Qian Xuesen Library on the Xuhui campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University was inaugurated on December 11, 2011 to celebrate the 100th birthday of Qian Xuesen, the school’s alumnus, a famous rocket scientist and the father of China's space program.

The library has a unique design, in the shape of rock-like blocks, which is a tribute to Qian’s career spent in the Gobi desert to develop and test China’s atomic bombs and satellite-carrying rockets. The library houses more than 76,000 manuscripts and books from Qian. The library was named a patriotism education base by the Shanghai government in 2014.