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LA Pho

Add:1665 Hongqiao Rd

Tel:021-6258 9588



Located at Starlight Mall in the hinterlands of Hongqiao, LA Pho doesn't offer authentic Vietnamese pho but market itself as a casual place that serves the most popular pho among the Vietnamese communities in Los Angeles, which counts one of the largest populations of Vietnamese American people living in the USA. The signature dish LA's House Special Pho comes with raw beef slices, beef balls, brisket, tripe and tendon. Its broth tastes pure and unviolated. The favorite ingredient of LA Pho’s chef is Sriracha, a popular chili sauce beloved by both Americans and Vietnamese. In addition, the Vietnamese grilled steak cubes on rice is also worth a try. The glutinous rice with toppings of tender steak cubes, raw onion, cucumber and tomato offers a classic Vietnamese taste.