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Le Bouchon

Add:1455 Wuding Rd W.

Tel:021-6225 7088



It has offered French food and ambience right in the heart of the Shanghai in 1998. With over 45 years of combined French cooking experience among the head staff at Le Bouchon, this place is well worth a try if you’re looking for genuine, unpretentious French cuisine. The menu is heavy on Basque French fare and includes some hard-to-find items such as blood sausage pie. While some might find the portions small, the dishes are delicious and as close to French home-cooking as you’re likely to find here in Shanghai. The steak, goose liver and escargot are especially good. The lamb shanks are also worth a taste. There’s also an ample selection of French wines and beers. For groups and private affairs, the chef can also prepare a special meal with a few days advanced notice.