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New Star Spa

Add:1900 Tianshan Rd


Established in 2006, it is most likely the busiest spa in Shanghai. It’s a Korean-style spa that’s proud to be the city’s first sauna club equipped with a Korean floor heating system.

The three branches are open 24 hours. There are dozens of sauna rooms with varying temperatures and different features, and for the brave, ice rooms let the mercury drop to minus 10 degrees Celsius, guaranteeing a brisk refreshment.

Here, we recommend the Tianshan branch, as it is larger in space and doesn’t seem to get so over-crowded. There’s a larger number of pools, and a post-bath relaxation area with heat
rooms that look like a Hobbit house.

The Tianshan branch also offers screenings of the latest films at an inhouse theater, manicures at the nail salon and a restaurant serving Korean dishes.

The Gubei branch seems to be mostly frequented by Korean and Japanese families, although it is
getting more popular among Chinese families as well. It’s a bit busy and too colorful for real relaxation, as white pajamas have been replaced by pink and orange ones.