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Wanyuan Qinghua Chi

Add:1300 Long Ming Rd

Time:021-6220 8212


This 24-hour bathhouse is easy to find as it is located on the third floor of Gumei shopping center in Minhang District. It’s much smaller than the branches of New Star Spa and Xiaonanguo that are nearby, but well worth a try as it is also less crowded.

Equipped with luxurious bathing areas for men and women with a number of heated pools to soak, it also has a sauna to sweat out the stress of a long day at work.

You can have access to an additional so-called hot spring that’s essentially a heated pool outdoors surrounded by rocks and wooden deck that makes for a brisk walk in the winter. Massage treatments are available at a great price, including back scrubs, cupping therapy and foot treatments. A dinner buffet is also available.   


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