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GREEN & SAFE, a food and beverage brand affiliated with Taiwan Yuen Foong Yu Biotech, reopened on Dongping Road which is a very romantic road in Shanghai. Various international cuisine cooked by professional chefs with all natural and pollution-free ingredients can be found in the restaurant. Meanwhile, distinguished from other restaurants, GREEN & SAFE provides consumers with the services of purchasing the same food and wine as those in the restaurant for home cooking. The new menu offers delicious choices in each period of the day, thus consumers can leisurely enjoy a meal here at any time. On the opening day, the menu with all kinds of interactive and compact design let the coming food and lifestyle magazine editors experience the perfect combination of food and wine, gain a better understanding of GREEN & SAFE’s brand spirit - From Farm to the Table, and feel the unique consumer experience of taking ecological food as the core.


European-style Market, Diner’s Paradise

On those quiet country roads around the exotic manors in southern France, you can see elegant women share collections of recipes with each other from time to time; also, in the crowded central market in Florence, Italy, you can find freshly made Italian cuisine and enthusiastic hosts asking you to have a taste. All these convey the coveted charm of Europe.

Now you do not have to spend large sums of money on flight tickets. Just go to GREEN & SAFE, the restaurant located in the former French Concession, with a new concept of European market. There, you can recall your memory of the European style -bright decor, air with the food aroma coming from the open kitchen, leisurely buying and eating like that in traditional farmer market. Here you can enjoy all these vivid feelings, just like being in the paradise of European diners.


Precious Ingredients, New Definition of Gourmet

GREEN & SAFE insists to use organic natural ingredients for all the meals, maintaining the concept of health and spirit - "From Farm to the Table".  Its self-operated farm in Kunshan has already obtained several organic certifications including OFDC, JONA, OCIA, ECOCERT etc. Each dish is cooked by the professional team of chefs, with daily production of organic fruits and vegetables and secure meats directly sent to the restaurant, as well as with top ingredients from around the world, making various international cuisine with a great flavor of season. Every guest can use the most modest price to enjoy the most luxurious services.

With the biggest difference to other restaurants, GREEN & SAFE not only serves delicious meals, but also offers food materials on all the menus to consumers for home cooking. The best carrier oil for delicious salad cream - organic extra virgin olive oil from Italy Santorini 50-year-old trees; the Iberian ham in cheese dishes – from Iberian pig, the Spain national treasure, niched at Acorn garden, smells fragrant, and has well-marbled fat; the truffle in porcini truffle PIZZA is sent directly from Yunnan every day; succulent and sweet king crab from unpolluted North Pacific, and freshly baked bread, etc. .



Reopened Restaurant, All-day Considerate Menu

The reopened GREEN & SAFE (Dongping Road Branch) adjusts its operating time to 12pm. Bright sunshine comes through large white sashes and casts onto the whitewashed wooden pallet walls, making the second floor a bright dining space. Ono tables, wooden pallets bar tables, second-hand antique chairs, and vintage shelves, extend the comfortable atmosphere from the ground floor.

From 8:00 am, with fresh fruits and vegetables just harvested from organic farm, you can leisurely enjoy the classic brunch. As for working luncheon, you will have more choices of snacking and season salad. The special carrot cake or autumn chestnut Feodorovna chocolate cake might be a clever combination for casual afternoon tea. While, as evening comes, the signs on the red brick wall light the night overture of Dongping Road. Unlike the bright daytime, GREEN & SAFE leads you into more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere at night. The air spreads waves of barbecue flavor from the open kitchen. Butcher display shelves are full of various components of steak and German sausage, where you can pick your favorite site and chefs will carefully grill them for you. Just sprinkle a little salt or pepper to the juicy grilled steaks, you then will understand the natural taste of fresh ingredients. Moreover, there are manual PIZZAs made of seasonal ingredients. Each course is appetizing to the taste. Also, the selection of nearly 40 kinds of craft beer and red and white liquor from various countries, making GREEN & SAFE the best choice for dinner party. The carefully designed paper menu extends the retro elegance of European character. Delicious meals are presented on the newspaper style menu, which is very attractive to guests – they can eat and play. Furthermore, crossword puzzles containing the secrets of menu and the knowledge of gourmet not only convey the spirit of the brand – From Farm to the Table, but also rich the dining experience.



Close to the end of year, all kinds of holiday parties pour out. GREEN & SAFE has prepared a large space for new dining area, where is as free and casual as at home. Wide selection of holiday meal helps you get over the tedious trouble to prepare festive meals. Exclusive wine menu makes it perfect for matching the gourmet, educing the most authentic beauty and flavor of food. You can use the most modest price to enjoy the most luxurious service, not only appreciating the infinite charm and natural lifestyle with organic food, but also feeling the unique experience of the European holiday market. Go to GREEN & SAFE will be your best choice of the year to celebrate festivals in a fashionable way.


About the Brand

GREEN &SAFE, is one of the food and beverage brands affiliated with Taiwan Yuen Foong Yu Biotech. YUEN FOONG YU GROUP has two F&B brands in Mainland China - Qi-min Organic Hotpot and GREEN&SAFE. GREEN & SAFE takes ecological food as the core. With fair deals, the restaurant insists to use organic natural ingredients, and offers international cuisine cooked by professional chefs as well. Consumers can leisurely enjoy a meal here at any time. In addition, based on personal preferences, consumers can choose fresh ingredients at the restaurant and cook at home. Moreover, the restaurant has professional staffs for product explanations and foretaste, providing warm shopping experience like in the traditional market, which is different from shopping experience in the supermarket.


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