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KABB Bistro Bar announces new innovative winter dishes and warming cocktails

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KABB Bistro Bar is pleased to present their new winter menu, a combination of seasonal ingredients and a health-cultivating style KABB is known for. The new dishes are perfect fusions of both Western and Asian influences for unparalleled flavors. KABB’s distinctive new winter cocktails are also a fun and pleasing addition. The new winter menu starts on December, 1st in three KABB Bistro Bars in Shanghai, Xintiandi, IAPM and Jing An Kerry Centre.


KABB’s Executive Chef, Ling Chen Gu, who is inspired by exotic cuisine and healthy ingredients, has carefully mastered unique and fitting dishes for the new menu. KABB embraces the best of winter with several comforting dishes reflective of the season such as Roasted Lamb and Couscous Soup, Oxtail, Smoked Salmon Sandwich and a Goose Liver Burger. Additionally, KABB’s new warm cocktail menu includes Mulled Wine, Hot Toddy, and Apple Cider, staple winter beverages that are enjoyed world-wide.


Winter’s most popular meat, lamb, also known as mutton, is cooked until tender and falling of the bone in the Roasted Lamb and Couscous Soup. KABB’s culinary team carefully simmers couscous with roasted lamb, onion, carrot and celery to satisfy gourmets from both the East and West. This nutritious and appetizing home-cooked soup is perfect to enjoy in early winter. Lamb is also popular for its tender nature in accordance with Chinese medicine, nourishing the body without increasing the internal heat. 


Chef Ling offers something extra to the Pesto Penne with Shrimp, a popular western-inspired dish. Penne pasta cooked with fresh shrimp, and poached eggs create layers of flavors and textures. KABB insures to use highest quality shrimp to capture the essence of the sea. A single bite of this al dente pasta in a creamy sauce will linger in your mouth making you want more bite after bite.

大虾香蒜意大利面 Shrimp Pesto Penne.jpg


Another comforting meat dish KABB welcomes to the new menu is Oxtail, the chef’s most recommended dish. Beef dishes in winter call for the best ingredients and cooking methods as we delve deeper into the winter. The Oxtail features the tail of the cow that is slow cooked creating a gelatinous-rich dish. During the slow cooking process, nutty chestnuts and sweet honey are added for depth of flavor.


Another popular Western dish is the Smoked Salmon Sandwich that features layers of smoked salmon, tomato, lettuce and fresh mozzarella served on a soft Ciabatta roll and topped with decadent hollandaise sauce. This dish is believed to be the best leisure lunch of choice for business professionals.


A traditional American burger meets a delicacy in KABB’s Goose Liver Burger, a beautiful presentation featuring chargrilled goose liver on 100 percent imported beef from Australia. The burger is served on Ciabatta bread with a sweet fig jam and a side of crispy fries. This is no doubt the most dramatic burger ever offered on KABB’s menu.


As traditional Chinese medical theory goes, meat enjoyed in winter should invigorate the inner warmth of ourselves. Two hearty meat dishes on KABB’s new winter menu include the Pepper Salt Grilled Chicken with char-grilled bell peppers and green olives, and the Apple Glazed Roast Duckwith brown sugar, apple sauce and honey roasted pumpkin.


KABB proudly recommends special elected hot cocktails to accompany these new dishes during the cold winter season offering classic Mulled Wine, Hot Toddies and Apple Cider. Red wine and Jägermeister are the base for the Mulled Wine. Cloves, a cinnamon stick, sliced apple, and an orange peel are garnish for the essence of the season. The Hot Toddy with whiskey and honey, a lemon wedge, a cinnamon stick, cloves, and a touch of ginger make a soothing beverage. Apple Cider is an old favorite with apple cider vinegar, honey and a lime wedge for a tart and sweet seasonal cocktail.


KABB Bistro Bar’s new Seasonal Menu is now available at all locations. KABB serves brunch and lunch daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., dinner from 4 p.m. to late, Afternoon Tea from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., and Happy Hour Monday through Friday, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. For more information, please visit www.kabbsh.asia. 

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