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Winter warmth at blue frog bar & grill

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Winter is the season for drinking hot beverages, eating rich foods, and staying warm and cozy indoors. China’s favorite neighborhood restaurant and bar, blue frog bar & grill offers all of this as the go-to spot to relax and dine this winter season. The popular, casual Western dining restaurant will showcase the best of the season with a variety of beef dishes that are sure to become comfort favorites.

Although known for their western cuisine, blue frog bar & grill’s“All About Beef” menu incorporates many Chinese traditions and beliefs as well. In China, beef is considered the best food for nourishing vitality during the cold, long winter. blue frog only uses prime beef, and the featured new beef menu items for the season include Winter Beef Consomme, Port Wine Braised Beef Cheek and Braised Beef Brisket with Bacon-leek Gnocchi. Utilizing the freshest ingredients, blue frog’s impressive “All About Beef” menu highlights a wide selection of classic Western fare, complemented by international flavors and influences that will tempt any palate.blue frog is also offering several new beverages that will warm the soul including mulled wine and the Bombardino.

波特酒烩煮牛脸颊肉Port Wine Braised Beef Cheek(1).jpg


“All About Beef”dishes


On a cold winter day nothing beats a bowl of hot beef soup. blue frog’s Winter Beef Consomme is cooked with chopped onion, carrots, celery, and potatoesinhomemade broth slow cooked with a whole piece of tender beef brisket. Root vegetables add depth of flavor and a healthy touch to this rich, satisfying soup. Fresh thyme is added to the broth as well as, an herb once used to bid farewell to cavaliers going to battle a thousand years ago.


For something more sophisticated, try the Port Wine Braised Beef Cheekcooked inauthentic port wine. Simmering for hours on the stove in port wine and shallots, this dish is served with sautéed vegetables and roasted herb baby potatoes for a rounded meal. In China, this cut of meat is also very popular among women as it is known toreduce wrinkles. For theBraised Beef Brisket with Bacon-leek Gnocchi tender Brisket is cooked on low for hours with bacon-leek gnocchi. Homemade chili sauce adds a spicy touch. Another option is the Char-Grilled Flank Steak. A boneless cut taken from between the ribs is thick, yet tender. Char-grilled is the ideal cooking technique for this cut searing the juices in and adding color for more flavors. Served alongside cheese mashed potatoes and honey glazed baby carrots with a sweet red wine raisin sauce adds elegance to this comforting dish.


New Winter Cocktails


Europeans love hot mulled wine on snowy, winter nights. Wine is heated till it boils, then orange peel, sugar, cinnamon and cloves are added for a traditional winter beverage. Using honey instead of sugar anda splash of brandy and anise star adds an extra warm touch. In Italy, a popular Après-ski cocktail is theBombardinousing advocaat, a custard-like special egg liquor, milk foam and chocolate powder for a really rich and creamy beverage, perfect to enjoy at the end of the meal.


Enjoy this winter seasonwith these decadent dishes and warm beverages at blue frog with loved ones and make memories to be remembered for years to come.