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M50 (Moganshan Rd Branch)

Add:50 Moganshan Rd

Tel:021-6266 3639




As one of the most successful and thriving art community in Shanghai, in recent years M50 has attracted more than 130 artists as well as galleries, plane design institutes, architecture firms, fashion designers, movie and television production firms, environmental artistic design institutes, artwork (jewelry) design institutes etc.Opened in 2001, M50 is a fashion landmark of urban culture in Shanghai.

M50 is located on the south bank of Suzhou Creek. The establishment of these artists and creative institutes have created a cultural atmosphere in the area that has attracted tourists from China and abroad.

M50 Art Community was once a textile mill. Just like the 798 Art Community in Beijing, it is a blossoming arts district that now is the center of Shanghai's art scene. The mill closed in 1999, and the alleys and buildings clearly reflect their industrial past.  In 2000 local contemporary artist Xue Song was attracted by the possibilities of the area and low rent.  He moved in, and soon other artists such as Ding Yi, Qu Fengguo, Wang Xingwei set up their studios here too, all of whom have participated in Venice Biennale. Which is fortunate for the rest of us, otherwise it may have been demolished, and this wonderful area which nurtures new talent and showcases established artists may never have existed.