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Barbarossa is a three-story Spanish restaurant in the People’s Park in central Shanghai. It is a gourmet haunt for dishes like veal shank, simmered for seven hours and served with salad and creamy potato purée. Every Tuesday, the restaurant offers the succulent veal at 268 yuan (US$41). It’s big enough for two to three people to share.

Another must-try dish is ham croquettes, juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

Chef Aitor Jeronimo, 33, started to work as a cook at age 19 and is now in charge of all dishes coming out of Barbarossa’s kitchen.

After finishing a hearty meal on the restaurant’s first floor, customers can walk upstairs to a bar where cocktails and sisha pipes are offered. Sitting on the terrace with a cocktail while viewing the park and modern high-rise buildings on Nanjing Road is nothing but delightful.