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Lady Bund

Add:4/F, No.22 Zhongshan Rd E2


Time:5:30-12pm, Monday to Friday; Afternoon tea, 2:30-5pm, Dinner 5:30-10pm, Saturday to Sunday

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Covering an area of 1,200 square meters, Lady Bund has 165 tables and three private rooms which can hold 8, 16 and 22 respectively, bar with lounge area with spectacular views, serving contemporary Asian cuisine. The private underground historical wine cellar, accessed only by one old elevator at the lobby of Bund 22, is a highlight. The cellar has more than 80 individual cells to store private collections of wine and liquors, as well as a main storage room.


Housed in Bund 22, the restaurant’s interior design is a work of art, each detail a precise measure color and texture by designer Thomas Dariel of Dariel Studios. The exquisite décor is accented with ornaments of hanging butterflies on the walls, art pieces, eclectic lighting. No matter where you are seated, the layout offers you great view of the Bund. The half-open kitchen enables you to see the process of cooking.


Named after the second girl in the family, “Lady Bund” gets the most love from family. She is well-educated and also attracted by Western culture. Pursuing quality, fashion and own taste of cloth, she also has great taste on food and wine. Lady Bund is like the characteristic of this lady. Charming, challenging and full of dream, everyone has this lady around or maybe you are the one.



Lady Bund is a favorite place for many super stars like Paris Hilton、Kobe Bryant, Lin Xinru, Huang Xiaoming, Sun Honglei, Hu Jun, Gu Juji, Wu Jianhao, Chen Xinhong, Ping An, Li Canseng, Chen Chong, Ye Rong, Wang Yuling, Wang Dalei, Qi Wei and Jiang Shuying.


The signature dishes are listed as follow:


1. Good Morning Shanghai

Do you miss the traditional lane snacks like deep-fried dough twist, sugar cake and “kaikouxiao,” small flour ball cracks after deep frying, kind of like a big laughing mouth? Lady Bund brings the sweetest childhood memory to you. With a warm dark sugar ginger tea, nice view of Bund and Huangpu River, you can have the taste of happiness during this winter.


2. Chilled “Yang Cheng Hu”, Hairy crab home made “XO” sauce

Autumn is high time to try hairy crabs. Traditionally, wine preserved crab is raw one. However, Lady Bund offers you a safe choice. Using 19 Chinese and Western spices, the homemade sauce is a secret here. The fresh crabs are preserved in this sauce and other nice kinds of wines including brandy and VSOP.


3. 5J Jamón Ibérico Caesar salad

This Caesar salad is different from traditional one. Seasoned with homemade sauce, 5J Jamón Ibérico and fried dough stick which is dipped in the truffle oil. The soul of the salad is the hot spring egg which has been cooked for one hour at 65 degree.


4. Ginseng Chicken soup

Inspired by Ginseng chicken soup inSouth   Korea, the chef stuffs rice into chicken wings and cooked with fresh ginseng for several hours. Dotted with black Lycium chinensis, it is so much like an articraft.


5. Sea Salt Baked Spanish Carabinero Shrimp

The carabinero shrimp, king of shrimp at Mediterranean, is famous for its roe. Cooked with cinnamon, rosemary and thyme, the shrimp is juicy and has fragrant smell. You wont miss the head of shrimp which is full of roe.

6. Truffle Porcini Risotto (Pan seared foie gras; truffle slice; coco powder)

Now is high time to preserve heat for the upcoming winter and store nutrition for spring. Dotted with truffle slice which is full of protein and amino acids, the porcini risotto is so attractive in front of you. Our chef tries to season the risotto with olive oil chocolate chippings and coco powder, and put a pan seared foie gras. A full spoon of risotto is such a present from the nature.



7. M6 Waygu Beef Tenderloin (Chestnut puree; onion shell; quinoa powder; dried broccoli; grape veal jus)

The M6 Waygu Beef is cooked to 48 degree in the center and pan fried with thyme. The chef creatively seasons the beef with chestnut puree and grape veal jus which has been cooked for five times in the boiled water and stewed with beef soup.

8. Chocolate Fondue

The trio of mango, caramel and chocolate is the best dessert in this winter. We use 70 percent Valrhona black chocolate combined with vanilla and coffee flavored ice cream. This is definitely the taste of happiness. 

As the Valentines Day coming, Lady Bund prepares a romantic and memorable evening for loving couples. The set menu is listed as followed.


Bread Basket (Crispy rice cake stick, mini baguette and Focaccia bread)


Amuse Bouche

Chinese Dumplings



Snow Crab Texture (snow crab spring roll, snow crab meat ball, crab caviar and snow crab salad)


Lobster Soup (Sous vide lobster, cream and herbs)



Warm Appetizer

“36 Hours Sous Vide” Wagyu Beef Short Rib (Crispy Japanese tofu, herbs salad, rose meat sauce and quinoa)


Main Course

Whole lobster and mixed seafood:  

Boston Lobster (700g)

Spanish Carabinero shrimp (2pcs)


Atlantic seabass (200g)  

Japanese octopus (160g) 

Mixed salad and organic baby tomato


“Dessert House” Buffet

 Valentines Day set menu: 1399 yuan per couple