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Black Pepper

Add:99 Taixing Rd

Tel:1356 4861 208

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


It is a Turkish eatery nestled in a traditional shikumen-style lane house. Its owner, Emre Gurel, thinks the name is simple and easy to remember. Once you enter, you’ll be immediately impressed by its warm decor, red wood tables and crystal glasses.

The restaurant has numerous signature dishes. For starters, there’s the zucchini pancake. Mantarki ve Kasarli Pide is a must-try dish cooked in a stone oven and served with Portobello mushrooms and Mozzarella cheese. Recommended main courses  include Deniz Mahsullu Ravioli, which is hand-crafted ravioli served with calamari, shrimp and mussels. Angel’s hair is a traditional Turkish dessert. The oven shredded pastry is delicious with its soft cheese filling and thick syrup.