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Sichuan Court by Hilton Shanghai

Add:250 Huashan Rd.

Tel:021-6248 7777 ext 1890

Time:11:30 am-2pm; 6pm-10:30 pm



Fax:021-6248 3848

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


It features elegant antique stone figures from the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907). Master chef Xie uses herbs and spices flown daily from Chengdu to ensure the authentic quality of the dishes.

Popular signature dishes include braised shark fin soup, pan-fried lobster with chili and the famous Chengdu tea-smoked duck. Other specialities include pan-fried Mandarin fish with preserved vegetables, stir-fried prawns and cashew nuts with Sichuanese dried peppers, stirfried pork in ginger and garlic sauce,sweetened scrambled egg yolk with crushed walnuts, chilled almond bean curd and Sichuan dandan noodles. Parking is free for customers.