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Star Core VR entertainment center

Add:457 Jumen Rd



What’s it like to be inside a video game? Thanks to breakthroughs in virtual reality (VR), instead of just staring at the screen to play a game, you can now actually feel what it’s like to be right in the middle of the action. 

The most advanced VR gaming experiences require the use of the latest technologies in 3D mapping, motion-capture, stagecraft as well as virtual reality headsets that seamlessly transport wearers into magical virtual worlds. 

As seen in the following pictures taken at Star Core, the first VR-based theme park in Shanghai, integrated VR technologies allow visitors to see, move and feel through an immersive, realistic virtual environment. 


The real world where I stood


The virtual world that I saw

Along with creating the sciencefiction VR game experience “Star Core,” Mili Pictures has also built one of the world’s first VR entertainment centers on Jumen Road in Huangpu District. The center features three playrooms, where visitors can experience various space-age story lines in the “Star Core” universe. Two more playrooms are said to be coming soon. 


After entering the VR center, players don Oculus VR headsets as they get used to feeling their way around the virtual environment of the game. Players also wear a helmet with a 3Dprinted antenna at the top.

 They are tethered to a laptop while an assistant follows behind with a data cable. Although the first playroom is no more than a few square meters, players will feel like they are in a vast universe. In the other two rooms, players step into new dimensions and experience worlds throughout the galaxy. 


The real world where I stood

6.pngThe virtual world that I saw

As they navigate the world of “Star Core,” players can move around and touch objects. Motion-capture technology used in the game also recognizes human gestures and allows players to wage intergalactic battles on alien planets. 

2.pngSitting on an interactive egg chair to enjoy real pleasure from the spatial displacement of the virtual world.

A trip through the center’s three rooms costs 80 yuan (US$12.26) and takes about 30 minutes. For newcomers to the world of VR entertainment, the Star Core VR Entertainment Center is a great starting point thanks to its high-tech equipment and the quality of its game production.

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