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El Luchador

Add:85 Yongkang Rd


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To understand El Luchador, you need to know that Lucha Libre means wresting, a popular sport among Mexicans. Luchadors (wrestlers) can be seen everywhere — on television, in newspapers and in graffiti on the walls of restaurants.

It is a Mexican restaurant in Shanghai with a vibrant atmosphere and white-and-blue Lucha Libre masks painted on the walls. The restaurant serves authentic Mexican food prepared by Mexican chefs. It also serves 100 percent agave tequila without salt and lime.

The ultimate sophistication is simplicity. A taco, for example, looks simple but is not easy to make. Tortillas are handmade and meats are slowly cooked for hours, and yet it takes customers just a few bites to finish a taco.

The soul of the restaurant is Chef Eduardo, who believes in tradition and uses only the freshest materials in cooking. At El Luchador, diners can enjoy genuine Mexican food.