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Sweat and Tears

Add:380 Huangpi Rd S.


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Sweat and Tears is a cafe owned by Taiwanese musician Jonathan Lee, with a little supports from StayReal Cafe. When the cafe opened in November 2015, it was bursting with customers who were willing to form long lines on the street just to get a coffee they could associate with their music idol.

The drinks menu is extensive and includes everything from standard espresso drinks, flavored mochas and lattes and single origin drips to teas and salted caramel hot chocolate. The “special blends” are more adventurous concoctions like “cheese coffee” and “energy banana coffee.” The “energy banana coffee” comes with a sliver of freshly sugared banana delicately placed on a floating mound of whipped cream, underneath a muddle of mixed liquid of coffee and milk. The space is nicely decorated with wooden ornaments Beatles memorabilia adorning the walls.