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Meiji Kyoto

Add:913 Julu Rd


Time:11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30-10:30pm


At the intersection of Julu Road and Huashan Road, the newly-opened Meiji Kyoto is a four-story, Kyoto-style villa featuring two sushi bars, 19 private rooms and a 30-square-meter garden. The assorted sashimi features imported salmon, seabream, yellowtail, flatfish, tuna, clam, oyster, live urchin and scallop. The chef, who looks back at more than 10 years of cooking at restaurants in Kyoto, is proud of the ingredient’s freshness. If you like cooked seafood, try grilled king crab or king crab in a hot pot, steamed snow crab, steamed hair crab or boiled clam. The black cattle sukiyaki for two to four people is also very popular. The junmai (100 percent rice sake), Fukuju Mikagego, is a must-try.