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Add:24 Fucheng Rd

Tel:021-5077 7718

Credit Cards Accepted
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If someone mentions Vapiano a year ago, not many people would know what it is. If someone does know what it is an internationally renowned western cuisine chain, then that person must have tried some of its deliciousness abroad. Within a year, Vapiano has solidify its place in the Lujiazui hub and has become quite the destination eatery.

This Vapiano is part of the 165 locations Vapiano has worldwide, which only just took its first step into China one year ago and already has been accepted by Chinese audiences, not an easy feat. Vapiano has its own unique operation method, self-serve ordering system. The customers could go to their favorite food counters; pizza, salad, pasta, risotto and more, pick their desired food, watch it being expertly made to the customer's requests and served to them in just minutes.

Vapiano provides a relaxing atmosphere, with its high ceilings and large glass windows, to the warm touches like the wooden tables, every part of the dining experience has been carefully considered. One thing you need to do before you leave, is to check the bill.  All the food & beverage you order is recorded in the card.  People find it worthy to pay for what their enjoyed as there’s no other restaurants like Vapiano providing authentic taste, fresh ingredients at such a low price.