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Add:505 Zhongshan Rd S.

Tel:021 6152 6755



Mythos, a four-story Mediterranean-style establishment located in the Cool Docks, provides an elegant dining environment. Sitting on the terrace, diners can enjoy views of Huangpu River and Lujiazui. The restaurant is adorned in classic white and blue hues, and its ceiling is painted like a starry sky. The biggest hall can hold more than 100 people, making it perfect for parties. 

The restaurant offers a selection of Greek items mixed with other Mediterranean and Europeaninspired dishes. Moussaka is a good choice for main course. Made with feta cheese, it has a creamy texture and strong flavor popular among cheese lovers. Another recommended dish is the seafood platter. Filled with cod, prawns and scallops, the platter is fresh and generous, and served with a side dish of mashed potatoes. 

Afternoon tea is also available. Tiramisu and cheese cake are popular choices, although you can also try a set menu of fruits and assorted cakes. For those craving stronger refreshment, we recommend the Mythos cocktail.