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Add:1 Yueyang Rd

Tel:021-5435 6018


MO’S Restaurant & Bar Shanghai launched on the 6th of May, 2016. “MO’S" it’s Chinese name “Mo Shi” meaning modern global food, all in building innovative, healthy, sophisticated, pluralistic concept of Chinese and Western cuisine, and its "one-stop" design of the restaurant, including the lounge , restaurant & bar. Imported wine retail area offers guests a complete leisure experience  to meet the urban youth pursuit of quality and personality life style.

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MO’S Restaurant & Bar Shanghai located in the former French Concession Yueyang Road cross by Fenyang Road, is a contemporary multi-level villas surrounded by century plane trees, precipitation of concession culture blend into modern lifestyle, making the restaurant a unique temperament, which also laid MO’S restaurant diversified recipes. Entire restaurant & bar space can accommodate 120 people enjoy the delicious food and fine wine at the same time, the first floor for the bar lounge and wine retail area, the second floor for dining area, the top layer is a unique style bar and “Wu Tong” terrace, is also to undertake business dinners, private multifunctional events and parties.

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MO’S Restaurant & Bar Shanghai established by a group full of ideals, and senior elite team with extensive food & beverage experiences in the top hotels. Restaurant manager, bar manager and head chef have years of management and service experience in the top-level hospitalities in Shanghai, and strive to be more detail, caring and attentive service for the guests to create a warm, comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable dining experience.

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MO’S Restaurant & Bar catering team has a passion and persistence for food and wine, and adventurous, use fresh local ingredients, imported food and ingredients, carefully research & develop a full range of fabulous food & beverage. More carefully deployment of a variety of unique special cocktails for the magic diner around the world who bring up the taste buds surprise.