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Teddy bears museum

Add:1368 Shibo Rd

Tel:021-3107 5003


This lovely museum is located at the Expo Site and contains numerous varieties of teddy bears from all over the world. Visitors can take photos with these cuddly collectables, or even make a teddy bear themselves. There are teddy caves and mazes to explore, as well as a theater featuring regular performances from a teddy-bear band. 

There’s a children’s play area decorated like a forest and featuring slides, swings, tree houses and blocks. The tree-inspired slide is wide enough to carry several youngsters at the same time. 

Teddy Bears Museum.jpg

Near the exit is a teddy restaurant, where you can have a meal with big teddy bears by your side. Of course, there are plenty of bear-shaped treats, including pizzas and desserts, which are sure to bring smiles to children of all ages.